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Wine Bottle Strength Training

45 mins | Strength | All Levels

You don't need fancy gym equipment to get a serious full body burn!

If lockdown has taught us trainers anything, it's that you can get a seriously productive workout, in a small amount of space, and just using household items!

This program provides a full body strength workout that rivals your regular gym program! Let us know if you give it a go!

Make sure you read through the whole workout before you start to determine if it is right for you. Please get in touch if you have any injuries and would like some alternative exercises! If you have never trained before, it is a good idea to get doctors clearance and see a trainer first.

Let's Go!

This was originally filmed live in our private facebook group, and can also be found on our YouTube channel! Come join us!!

Essential Equipment:

  • Pillow

  • 2x Tin cans or bottles of wine or dumbbells

  • Chair

Follow along with me and I will do the timing, cue your technique and provide the motivation. Don't stop unless I do!


Alternatively you can set it up and work through it in your own time!

Warm up 1 minute each

1. Pillow bridge marches

2. Side plank arm and leg extension left

3. Side plank arm and leg extension right

4. Bear to plank walk

5. Knees squeezed pillow squats

Round one: 50s work, 10s changeover, repeat 3x

1. Single Arm Underhand Bent over Row with opposing hold (cans, dumbbells, bottles of wine)

2. High plank cushion pass across

All weight in one hand, then switch, hips steady!

3. Tricep extension (cans, wine bottles, Dumbbells, or squeeze a cushion!)

Round two: 90s work, 15s changeover, repeat 2x

1. Cushion lunge roll + knee drive

2. Top and bottom calf raise on chair,

Cushion on floor under toes

Sloooow on the down phase

3. 60s seated ankle squeezed leg extensions, 30s Alternating leg extensions

4. Ankles squeezed calf raise -

Round three: 45s work, 15s changeover, repeat 3x

1. Hand to foot pillow pass

2. High plank knee tucks (pillow, socks or paper)


If you'd like to join us live, visit

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