Running Kids and Teens

Running Kids and Running Teens is a fun and social running program designed to enhance kids and teens running technique, movement competency, coordination, mobility, strength and fitness. All capabilities are catered for on an individual level through age and developmentally appropriate activities. Group classes are broken into recreational and performance runners so that every session is challenging and achievable for every runner! 


How do I get my kids involved?

Program 1:
Recreational Running Kids & Teens

The recreational running group is for kids wanting to learn to love running. To support lifelong physical activity and other sports while having fun with their friends! 



Kids: 6-12 years old, Monday 4:30-5:15pm

Teens: 11-17 years old, Monday 5:15-6:00pm


Naremburn Oval


Meeting Spot:
At the basketball courts, on the Park rd side of the oval


What's involved in a session:
All sessions are conducted by professional running coaches and include:

  • Running Technique

  • Running Drills

  • Short sprints and longer efforts

  • Cross country and athletics carnival practice as appropriate

  • Running games

Groups are broken into groups loosely according to skill/age

Program 2:
Performance Kids & Teens

This class is for primary aged kids wanting to train to perform at school cross country and athletics carnivals and progress to further carnivals (e.g. zone/regional/state).



Kids: 6-12 years old, Thursday 4:15-5:00pm

Teens: 11-17 years old, Thursday 5:00-6:00pm

Pottery Green Oval, Lane Cove

Meeting Spot:
In front of the benches, on the little st side of the oval

What's involved in a session:
All sessions are conducted by professional running coaches and include:

  • Running Technique drills

  • Cardiovascular fitness training 

  • Short sprints and longer efforts depending on what your child is training for

  • Cross country and athletics carnival practice as appropriate.


Groups are broken into speed and distance groups to support their current training needs

Program 3:
Teens Strength & Conditioning

This age group is a crucial time where we see a lot of drop out from sport and fitness. By providing teens with the confidence and skill to maintain their involvement in physical activity, we are providing them with the best tools to live a healthy and energetic life!

Our functional small group strength program is developed for pre-teens and teens 11+. Based off the results of head coach, Claire's PhD, this program utilises  age- and development-appropriate training to enhance sports performance, engagement in physical activity and support growth and development throughout the crucial teenage years. Efficient movement contributes to athletic performance, injury prevention & leads to habitual physical activity into adulthood. 

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00-6:00pm

Sydney Performance Lab, Lane Cove West 

Program 4:
Private Lessons

Some kids benefit from private training. These 45 min sessions will focus on technique or fitness requirements of the individual. Kids who have benefited from private training include:

  • Those preparing for regional or state events

  • Those who can't make it to a group

  • Those who are "sporty" but need a helping hand in running to enhance their sports performance in other sports

  • Those who need some extra attention in general coordination and physical activity

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2022 Kids and Teens Pricing
If you have an active kids voucher, please email to and select the active kids option at checkout

Running Group
10 week term

(incl GST)

Functional Fitness Small group training 

(Incl GST)

Private lesson. Per 45 min session

(Incl GST)

2022 Term Dates

Term one

Monday 31 Jan to
Saturday 9 April

Term two

Tuesday 26 April to
Saturday 2 July

Term three

 Monday 18 July to
Saturday 24 September

Term four

Monday 10 October to
Saturday 17 December

2022 Enrolment