Free Saturday Run Club!

You’re not too slow, you’re not too unfit and you don’t need to be a member to join us!

Each Saturday we run from a different cafe around Sydney's North Shore. Not only will you enjoy the best coffee and breakfast in Sydney, but you will find running routes you never knew existed! 

We continue to organise the run club in three groups by the distance you wish to run:

  • GROUP 1 at 6:30am - Long Run (15km+)

  • GROUP 2 at 6:45am - Medium Run (6-15km)

  • GROUP 3 at 7:00am -  Short Run (up to 6km)

See below for the next run club - see you there : -) 

Run Club Calender

Need more motivation??? Why not join one of our weekday running groups! 

And make sure you keep up to date with Run Club news including any last minute changes or advice for the run!

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