​Learning to run is one of the greatest gifts

  • Absolute beginners – no prior experience or fitness level necessary

  • Non-intimidating environment with like minded running buddies

  • 8 weeks

  • 2 sessions per week

  • Limited to 8 runners per program

  • The aim is to run 30 minutes continuously in 8 weeks time! 

  • Free singlet or t-shirt on completion! 



Beginners Only!! 

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Who will this benefit?

  • Those who have never tied up a running shoe before

  • Those who can kind of remember running, but maybe that was just for the bus!?

  • Those who are looking to get active and lose some weight before summer 

  • Those who need to improve their aerobic fitness

  • Those dying to find out what the hell a “runners high” feels like!!

  • Those who want to make running a habit but have no idea where to start!


How does it work?

Get involved in 2 face to face sessions a week:

  • 1x 30-40 minute weekday session where you will work on running technique for injury prevention and energy efficiency.

  • 1 x 30-45 minute Saturday session where we will be working towards running continuously for 30 minutes.

  • OPTIONAL: strength and yoga classes. Purchase an 8 week unlimited training pass for $150 and join in any of our group fitness classes



Where do we train?

  • Weekday running sessions are held at Gore Hill Oval, Mondays 7pm.

  • On a Saturday we will all come together in the one location which will be different every week so that we can explore some of the north shores most beautiful runs and delicious cafes! See where we run! 


Program Dates:

Next Program:

Starts 12th April 2021

Then what?? 

Join our level 2 classes!

Common Queries

Find the Answers

No really!! I have never run before! Is this program for me??

Before every program, we get inundated with nervous runners trying to convince us that they are the most beginner runner that has ever lived. We PROMISE, everyone in this program is in the same boat. You will not be left behind. If you follow our program, consistently, you will be surprised with how far we can get in just 8 weeks!

How are you different from the couch to 5k program?

Firstly, we are not an app, or a downloadable program. We will be physically by your side every step of the way. If life gets in the way and you can't physically attend every session face to face, we will give you all the resources, encouragement and accountability you need to ensure you don't miss a session.

Will we actually be able to run 30 mins continuously in 8 weeks? 

You only get out what you put in! We have seen numerous runners who can barely run for the bus in week one, complete 5kms non-stop in week 8. It wasn't easy, but the sense of achievement and pride written all over their faces, proves it was worth it. Its all about consistency and commitment!

How much does it cost?

$200 (Incl GST)

Which includes:

  • Full 8 week program

  • Weekly email and facebook community

  • 2 face to face sessions per week

  • Free singlet or T-shirt upon completion

  • The BEST coaches and running buddies on the North Shore 

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