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If you're sick of false starts, relapses and running on the treadmill... then you're in the right place!

 Next program begins 29 July 2024 

  • Absolute beginners – no prior experience or fitness level necessary

  • Non-intimidating environment with like minded running buddies

  • 8 weeks and 3 sessions per week

  • Limited to 8 runners per group

  • The aim is to run 30 minutes continuously in 8 weeks time! 

  • Free singlet or t-shirt on completion! 

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Your Running Journey.

You can download an 8 week beginners program off google...but then what? We have your full journey covered from turning up to your first session, through to craving your next run and smashing some performance goals


Learn to run

8 Week program

  • Technique focused

  • Process Oriented

  • Build your base



8 week program

  • Integrate the habit

  • Process Oriented

  • Build your capacity



10 Week Program

  • Focussed program

  • Goal Oriented

  • Build the specifics



10 Week Program

  • Specific program

  • Goal Oriented

  • Smash your goals 

For now...let's just focus on Phase 1: Learn to Run

Step one: Set yourself up for success. 

Below is some light reading for you as you enter your new running journey! If you are here because you are coming back to running after an extended break, then [most] of the post-pregnancy advice will apply to you :-)

Step two: Determine if this program is right for you.

This program IS for you if....

  • You are new to running or returning to running after a break (ranging from "I've never run more than a few steps in my life" to "I used to run but haven't in a loooong time" or "I keep attempting to run but I always end up injured or dropping out").

  • You need more day-to-day energy to enjoy your life.

  • You want to feel strong, fit, competent and confident.

  • You need some time out to do something for yourself.

  • You're open minded and willing to learn.

  • You're prepared to work hard for it - you know running won't get easier because you will move the goalpost, but it will become more enjoyable, you will recover quicker and you will see improvements in all aspects of your life​.


  • You need professional guidance but also someone to be accountable to. 


  • You're motivated by others. Other peoples success and commitment, motivate you to improve and work hard. You know that you work harder when the coaches eyes on you and you are catching up with your new running friends! 


  • You're ready to commit to 8 weeks of training, homework and education.

  • You've done your research, and you're ready to start NOW

This program is NOT for you if....

  • You are a regular consistent runner looking for technique or injury advice (we have a different program for you!)

  • You know everything there is to know about running but have all the excuses why you can't do it.

  • You don't enjoy group training.


  • You can't commit to 8 weeks of training, homework and education (if you're away for a session or two we can catch uyou up!).

  • You're still in the contemplation phase

Step three: LET'S GO!!!

  • Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email with everything you need to know and do, to be successful in this program! 

  • Sign into the sessions you will attend (1x technique, 1x strength, 1x run club)

  • Each Monday morning you will receive an email with the program for the week which will include

    • Technique theme for the week​

    • Your homework session

    • Fun facts and tips that will support your running journey

  • If you're signing up with a friend, get in touch and we will send you a promo code so you both get a swet deal! 

Beginner winter-spring 2020.jpg

Common Questions and Answers!

No really!! I have never run before! Is this program for me??

Before every program, we get inundated with nervous runners trying to convince us that they are the most beginner runner that has ever lived. We PROMISE, everyone in this program is in the same boat. You will not be left behind. If you follow our program, consistently, you will be surprised with how far we can get in just 8 weeks!

How are you different from the Couch to 5k program?

Firstly, we are not an app, or a downloadable program. We will be physically by your side every step of the way. If life gets in the way and you can't physically attend a session face to face, we will give you all the resources, encouragement and accountability you need to ensure you don't miss a session.

Will we actually be able to run 30 mins continuously in 8 weeks? 

You only get out what you put in! We have seen numerous runners who can barely run for the bus in week one, and then complete 5kms non-stop in week 8. It wasn't easy, but the sense of achievement and pride written all over their faces, proves it's worth. Consistency and commitment are the key!

How much does it cost?

$370 (+ transaction fees)

Which includes:

  • Full 8 week program

  • Weekly email with program, homework, videos and tips

  • Supportive facebook community

  • 3 face to face sessions per week

  • Free singlet or T-shirt upon completion

  • The BEST coaches and running buddies on the North Shore 

  • Big value at $15.42 per session!

Cant join us this time? Register interest in the next program!

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