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Want to know a little more about us?

We are a team of running and strength coaches who get more out of seeing our athletes thrive than our own accomplishments. We strive to set a welcoming and motivational atmosphere in every single session. With our combined experience we have all found our niche and specialty.


Everyone ‘knows’ how to run, it is North Shore Running & Outdoor Fitness’ vision to teach the North Shore on what they don’t know about running, endurance training & strength principles.

We strive for adherence, acceptance, honesty, flexibility, respect & charity. We value commitment and integrity.

You won’t just be joining a social run club; you will be entering a community of university educated, professional leaders & like-minded, committed recreational runners. You can expect affordable training options, free programs, social gatherings and individual goal setting & achievement on your journey to habitual running and fitness.

We place a big focus on longevity, we want to see you running into the golden years. You can expect us to educate you on appropriate training loads, strength training, nutrition and injury prevention.

No, you are not too slow, you are not too unfit, and your goals are not too big or small for us!

Our friendly group of trainers and members is perfect for:

  • Anyone and any fitness levels from those just starting out with a more active lifestyle to fitness fanatics

  • Those returning from illness, injury or pregnancy

  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to ramp up their training

  • Competitive athletes needing an edge to improve their performance

  • Runners of all levels who like to run in various distances from those new to running, from 5km to ultra marathon, on the roads and the trails

  • Directed by an exercise scientist, periodised programs cater for beginner runners to advanced competitors.

  • Your first week of training is completely free and Saturday Run Club will always be free!

  • You're not too slow, and you're not too unfit, so join us now!

Meet Our Coaches

Our team comprises of qualified running coaches, personal trainers, and sports and exercise scientists.

IMG_7963 2.JPG

Claire Paterson

Founder, Exercise Scientist, Running and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Claire Paterson_edited.jpg

Claire founded North Shore Running and Outdoor Fitness while completing her honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science in 2013. In no time at all, what started as a side hustle turned into a full time gig and led to opening our indoor performance and rehabilitation facility, Sydney Performance Lab in 2018.

Running Profile 

Claire's passion for helping recreational runners complete their objectives comes from her own experiences as a recreational runner, an injured runner, and a mother runner. You will find Claire running on the road and completing events from 10k to half marathon distance. You're unlikely to find her on the trails... but never say never!  


Claire is mainly found in our strength and conditioning facility coaching clients for:

  • Road and trail performance

  • Pre-natal birth prep and conditioning

  • Post-natal recovery and safe return to running and exercise

  • Injury prevention & rehabilitation

  • General conditioning. 


If you're training with Claire get ready for a challenging but achievable program! 


  • Bachelor of Science, Human Movement (Honours), University of Technology Sydney and University of Sunshine Coast 

  • Athletics Australia Level Two Recreational Running Coach

  • ASCA Level One Strength and Conditioning Coach 

  • MumSafe™ accredited pre- and post-natal trainer

  • First Aid and CPR qualified

Get in Contact:

Ph: 0422 554 029


Andrew Smith

Running Coach & Personal Trainer


The most passionate, motivated running coach in Sydney!  In early 2018 Andy made a career change to allow him to pursue his passion for fitness and running. Andy will be your coach for all running related sessions. He will push you within your limits, while keeping an eye on your training load and technique 

Running Profile 

Whilst heavily immersed in the running concept of “longer is better”, with numerous marathon, Ironman Triathlon and trail ultramarathon finishes, Andy still thrives on testing his performance with races of any distance but gets more of a kick out of motivating his clients and watching them complete what they set out to achieve. 



You will find Andy coaching runners of all ages on ovals all over the North Shore, especially: 

  • Endurance trail and road runners training for 5-50km+

  • Complete beginner runners taking up the sport for the first time or the first time in a long time

  • Youth runners and team sport athletes training for competition

  • Youth recreational runners learning to love running for fun and to support general physical activity

If you're running us, you're running with Andy! 


  • Certificate IV Master Trainer Fitness, Australian Institute of Fitness (finishing top of class by winning the Institute “Energizer” award)

  • Fitness Australia registered gym instructor and personal trainer

  • First Aid and CPR qualified

  • Working with children check

Get in Contact:

Ph: 0412 522 047


Coach Profiles

Brendan Todd

Exercise Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach


Brendan has been a Strength and Conditioning coach with North Shore Running & Fitness and Sydney Performance Lab since 2019. Over his time he has become known for constantly coming up with new evidence based ways of challenging his clients to create multi dimensional injury free athletes. Brendan has become the go-to coach for our youth athletes, working through long term athletic development pathways with kids as young as 8 years old. in fact his clients enjoy the sessions so much, some are still going after finishing school! 

Running Profile 

Brendan prefers incidental running in team sports. Through years of playing and coaching soccer he has experienced all things speed, agility, power and strength.


Brendans role has seen him become the expert across our strength and conditioning and exercise science services including:

  • Strength training for running performance (10k-ultra runners)

  • Youth long term athletic development 

  • Youth injury prevention 

  • Performance testing and analysis


  • Bachelor of Science, Human Movement, University of Technology Sydney 

  • Working with children check

  • First Aid and CPR qualified

Get in Contact:


Sophie Lane

Exercise Physiologist and Running Coach

Sophie running .jpeg

Sophie has spent the last few years working in private practice as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. She has experience managing a variety of chronic conditions including metabolic, cardio-pulmonary, neurological and mental health. Sophie has recently completed further education in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and running coaching. Sophie’s current career focus is to help runners to run injury-free!

Running Profile 

Sophie ran cross-country throughout school and she ran her first half-marathon in 2016. Deciding that she preferred the longer endurance events, Sophie entered her first ultra-marathon in 2021 and then another 3 ultra’s in the same year. She is hoping to tick off 100km in the near future and wants to continue being involved with the trail running community. 



Sophie mixes herself between coaching runners outdoors and in the gym working with her exercise physiology and strength & conditioning clients. she has a particular interest in: 

  • Lower limb injury rehabilitation

  • Running gait analysis and biomechanics 

  • Strength & conditioning 

  • Injury prevention 

  • Exercise therapy for chronic pain and mental health 


  • Masters of Exercise Physiology, Charles Sturt University

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, University of Newcastle

  • Level 1 Recreational Running Coach

  • Pilates Reformer Essentials, Tensegrity Training

  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach, ASCA

  • January 2018

  • First Aid, CPR, Working with children check 

Get in Contact:

Ph: 0424 187 475


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