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Strength Training for the Endurance Runner

45 mins | Strength | All Levels | No equipment

We all know that strength training is important not only for injury prevention, but consistent strength training can enhance running economy, energy transfer throughout the body and power through the stride.

If you're an endurance runner, you already know that repetition is key - left foot, right foot, repeat repeat repeat until the cows come home!

In this strength session, we are focussing on all the muscles that support the pelvis in all movement planes. Think core, glutes and back. This will contribute to stability through the hips as you run which means your trunk is strong and stable so that your limbs (specifically feet and knees) can concentrate on propelling you forwards and don't have to work hard to also keep you upright!

Make sure you read through the whole workout before you start to determine if it is right for you. Please get in touch if you have any injuries and would like some alternative exercises! If you have never trained before, it is a good idea to get doctors clearance and see a trainer first.

Let's Go!

This was originally filmed live in our private facebook group, and can also be found on our YouTube channel! Come join us!!

Essential Equipment: a cushion if you are on a hard 'slidey' floor or a couple of pieces of paper of books if you are on carpet.

Follow along with me and I will do the timing, cue your technique and provide the motivation. Don't stop unless I do!


Alternatively you can set it up and work through it in your own time!

Warm up x2

  • Scapular push ups 30s move, 20s hold a high plank, 10s change to the bridges

  • Single leg bridge right 30s up and down, 20s hold, 10s to change legs

  • Pelvic tucks 30s pulling knees up by using the core, 20s hold feet off the floor, 10s to get back to scapula pushups or move on

Circuit one:

50s work, 10s rest/change to next exercise, repeat 3 times

  • Inchworm walkout + options - pushup, plank commando, down to knees

  • Single leg deadlift hold, with ankle to ankle tap left

  • Single leg deadlift hold, with ankle to ankle tap right

  • Knees to nose crunch

Circuit two:

50s work, 10s rest/change to next exercise, repeat 2-3 times

  • Side plank hip lift left

  • Side plank hip lift right

  • Bear hold

  • Supermans

Circuit three:

50s work, 10s rest/change to next exercise, repeat 2-3 times

  • Eccentric straight leg sit down- 5s lower

  • High plank slider knee tucks

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