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45 mins | HIIT | All Levels | No equipment

High intensity interval training with plenty of modifications! Makes it perfect for any level of fitness! Great for runners as a strength or cross-training workout to develop serious power in your stride!

We've got a no repeat warm-up, 3 round main set and no-repeat finisher... so not only is this workout loads of fun, it is sure strengthen, tone, and torch fat!

Make sure you read through the whole workout before you start to determine if it is right for you. Please get in touch if you have any injuries and would like some alternative exercises! If you have never trained before, it is a good idea to get doctors clearance and see a trainer first.

Let's Go!

This was originally filmed live in our private facebook group, and can also be found on our YouTube channel! Come join us!!

Essential Equipment: Floor space

Follow along with me and I will do the timing, cue your technique and provide the motivation. Don't stop unless I do!


Alternatively you can set it up and work through it in your own time!

Warm up

1 set. 45s of each exercise with a 15s rest in between

  1. Inchworm walkout to plank rotation

  2. Frog squats

  3. Reverse lunge kick left

  4. Reverse lunge kick right

  5. Lateral squat toe touch

  6. 1980's dance move

  7. 1x squat 4x butt kicks

  8. Sit throughs or bear hold

  9. Prisoner get up + squat jump

  10. Side shuffle squat jump

Main set

Round one: 45s work 15s rest - slow and controlled

  • Squats

  • High Plank hold

  • High knees jogging

  • 10x slow mountain climber + 1 x Pushup

  • 60s rest then move onto round 2

Round Two: 40s work 20s rest - fast and strong

  • Fast squats

  • Plank shoulder taps

  • On the spot high knees running

  • 10x fast mountain climber + 1 pushup

  • 60s rest then move onto round 3

Round three: 30s work 30s rest - all out effort

  • Squat jumps

  • Plank commandoes (high to low plank)

  • On the spot high knee sprinting

  • Mountain climber sprint

No repeat Finisher: 1x 45s work 15s rest with some 60s rests thrown in for good measure!

  1. Skater hops

  2. Modified burpee (no pushup)

  3. 2x Reverse lunge + 1x squat jump

  4. Plank jacks

  5. Skipping hops

60s rest

  1. 6 high knees, 1x single arm step out burpee

  2. Plank shoulder rocks

  3. Run forwards and backwards

  4. Side shuffle touch down

60s rest

  1. Lunge jumps or shuffles

  2. Plank row + ankle tap fast!

  3. In out fire feet


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