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Pelvic Stabilisation for Runners

Updated: Apr 16

45 mins | Strength | All Levels

Wowah... if you can easily get through this workout without deep breaths and a furrowed brow. We are IMPRESSED!

Get ready for a side butt burrrrrrn. This workout isolates and targets the endurance properties of the glute med and core muscles. Once you can do this relatively easily add a mini band around your knees, or a dumbbell on the side of your leg.

What is the Glute Med?

The Gluteus Medius is one of your glute muscles that sits on the outside of the hip and attaches to the thigh bone. It is crucial for runners to have good strength and control in this stabilising muscle as it helps absorb force when your foot hits the ground, can help stabilise and reduce force at the knee, and steadies your pelvis and trunk. Leaving the rest of your body to do what it is designed to do- propel you forwards against gravity!

Make sure you read through the whole workout before you start to determine if it is right for you. Please get in touch if you have any injuries and would like some alternative exercises! If you have never trained before, it is a good idea to get doctors clearance and see a trainer first.

Let's Go!

This was originally filmed live in our private facebook group, and can also be found on our YouTube channel! Come join us!!

Essential Equipment:

  • A comfortable mat

  • If you want to make it harder you can add a mini band into the mix!

Follow along with me and I will do the timing, cue your technique and provide the motivation. Don't stop unless I do!


Alternatively you can set it up and work through it in your own time!


Opening up the hip flexors allows the glutes to fire up!

  • Runners lunge

  • Hip square, tuck pelvis and squeeze the glute on the back leg

  • Start high, and every 10s get a little bit lower for 60s

  • Repeat on other side

Warm up

3x 20s work:10s rest

  • Plie Squat, pivot to Lunge left

  • Plie Squat, pivot to Lunge right

  • Opposite Hand to Opposite Leg V-Ups left

  • Opposite Hand to Opposite Leg V-Ups right

  • Cursty lunges

Death by leg lift

30s work, 15s rest between exercises

Keep hips stacked on top of each other the whole time, heel, hips and shoulders in line with each other.

  1. Lateral leg lift, toe pointing down - when you think you're as high as you can, squeeze a little higher!

  2. Middle Swing to front

  3. Middle swing to back

  4. Swing all the way through front and back

  5. Circles forward

  6. Circles back

  7. Bicycle leg

Now switch and do other leg


45s work 15s rest and change exercises (14 mins)

  • Deadbug left

  • Deadbug right

  • Dead salmon x10, Russian twists x10

  • Plank hip dips on toes or knees

  • Straight leg sit up, 3 second lower

  • Knee hug sit ups

  • Bicycle crunches x10 + 2 x reverse crunches


30s each exercise

No rest between exercises

30s rest at the end of the three exercises

Repeat 3-5x

  • Single leg bridge left

  • single leg bridge right

  • Plank hip tap + front tap + knee tap


If you'd like to join us live, visit

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