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Run with Us!

Running is the foundation of our group. We are recreational runners who love to train hard, push our limits and succeed... but we don't take ourselves too seriously!  We provide a group of supportive runners, meeting the needs of any running ability or experience level.

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We provide the complete running experience from technique, to fitness, endurance, strength and mobility. Join one of our group run training sessions, or select from one of our tailored running programs!

Looking for a more casual option? Join our Free Saturday Run Club

Group Run Training

Our group run sessions are part of the broader Group Training schedule that all our members are welcome to join! Other group sessions include strength, HIIT, boxing and yoga. 

Our group run sessions are characterised as follows:



Absolute beginners 

8 week learn to run program

Focus: Technique & fitness

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All runners

Focus: sustained effort to build endurance & speed

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All Runners

Focus: Low intensity social run to flush the legs out after your weekend and warm them up for the week!

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Beginner graduates or anyone seeking some technique advice

Focus: Technique & speed endurance

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All runners

Focus: technique and tolerance for running up hills. Perfect for anyone who calls the North Shore home!

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All Runners

Focus: Low intensity social run to build endurance, enjoy beautiful running routes & share a delicious coffee & brekkie 

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All runners

Focus: Intervals & speed to increase anaerobic & aerobic capacity

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All runners

Focus: Technique, confidence & speed over mixed terrains


Learn to Run

There is no such thing as "I'm not a runner"

This is an 8 week program which guides beginners through the necessary technique, fitness and strength training to build up to running 30 minutes or 5km continuously.


This program is aimed at those who have never formally run before, or those just getting back into it after a long break. In between sessions, you have the option to complete homework runs.

 Next Program begins June 2023 


5-10km Distance or Speed

Getting the distance, or ramping up the speed. 

This is a 10 week program that focuses on increasing endurance and speed for up to 10km.

This program is for those stepping up to the 10km distance after mastering 5km, or those wanting to increase their speed and strength. The schedule includes intervals, tempo runs, and long runs with optional strength training.


 Get started anytime! 

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This one is a lot of fun! 


10 week program catered to all runners!


Train with us, race with us and party with us following the event! 

Included is course specific programming, weekly race, training and nutrition tips, training/racing singlet, group coaching and online programming available!

 Next Program begins 5 June 2023 


Sydney Marathon Program

Is your goal to cross the line, or set a PB?? Either way, we have you covered. 

Marathon: 16 week program from 29th May

Half Marathon: 12 week program from 26th June

This iconic event is worth training for! Run over the harbour bridge and around our amazing harbour. If you train right, you will have the energy to look at the sites and cross the finish line at the Sydney opera house with your head held high, and arms in the air!


 Program Begins May 29th! 


Ultra Endurance Program

Ultra distance running

Say goodbye to fatigue, and hitting the wall and hello to sailing across the finish line with your head up and arms in the air! This 14 week program is individualised for road and trail runners 


You will be given all the necessary training to cross the finish line feeling fit, strong and powerful. Your periodised program works on a four-week cycle of building intensity and duration followed by a recovery week before you build again. Your program includes both face-to-face group runs as well as homework runs with the option of joining us for strength, yoga and strength training. 

Group Run Training
Run Program

Program 4: Bespoke

You bring the goal, we'll facilitate the results

Above programs don't quite fit your requirements? Get in touch and we can design a program to suit your goals and lifestyle. 

Some bespoke program ideas:

  • Multi-day events

  • Multi-sport events

  • Speed program to nail a PB or support other sports

  • Fitness - running for fun and fitness with no particular time or distance goal

Recovering from an injury?

Our head Exercise Physiologist, Sophie, has put together a fantastic 8 week training program to help rehabilitate injured runners

The program starts with an initial consultation with Sophie that includes baseline testing specific to your injury or goal. We will then create a personal 8-week rehabilitation program for you based on your results.

When you reach the end of the program, we will complete a re-assessment to see if you're ready to get back to running


Connect with our members and trainers on Strava!

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