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"the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to fatigue"

Say goodbye to fatigue, and hitting the wall and hello to sailing across the finish line with your head up and arms in the air! 


Perfectly timed for the Sydney Running Festival


The benefits of following a program is no secret!

We have learnt a lot over the past 8 years....


We already knew the science, but now we've perfected the practice of delivering targeted training with enough flexibility to suit your busy lifestyles 

We know how confusing google can be, that's why we've written you a periodised program, backed by science, proven in practice, and takes the guess work out of training to improve endurance. 

We know that you're self-motivated, but training with our community will push you a little further, pull you along on the hard runs, and celebrate with you over the finish line


We know how to smash goals, have fun, and keep you coming back for more! 


Don't take our word for it...

Check out our runners cruising over the line at the UTA ultra trail event

Here's what's included in the program:


START: 12 June 2021

FINISH: 19 September 2021

14 week training program

2x weekday sessions a week

1x Saturday long run

2x masterclasses



Teresa Kryger, Nutritionist from The Health Whisperer will be taking you through specific nutrition guidance pre- during- and post-training and racing.

Special guests will be taking you through the best gear to wear, or carry during training and racing to avoid injury and ensure comfort and running economy



You will receive a complete 7 day program including intervals, tempo run, long run, recovery run, strength training & mobility. These can be done face-to-face or at home.

Want to do most/all sessions face-to-face? Ask us about upgrading to an unlimited training plan. 



You'll be amazed how easy it is to turn up when there is a professional coach and a motivating group waiting for you! Long runs will fly by, and you'll work that little bit harder chasing others up the hill.


The benefits of having a coach is don't know what you don't know! 

Test Tube


2x time trial events

One at the beginning will help guide your training one at the end to measure your success! 

If you want even more precision enjoy 10% off our premium testing



Check you inbox each Sunday for home workouts, training & race tips, nutrition advice and psychological skills training. 

Join us!


You're 14 weeks away from your goal fitness! 

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This program is included in our direct debit membership, simply fill in the form below to get the weekly training email and program updates! 

This program IS for you if....

  • You're looking to increase your aerobic capacity to support endurance running. You can already run the kms, but you are looking to become more efficient, increase time to fatigue, reduce energy expenditure and meet your specific goal.


  • You're stepping up to a new distance. You're coming in blind, and need us to guide you along the way.

  • You're participating in the UTA trail or SMH half marathon events in May 2021

  • You need 'that' edge. You've done your research, now you're looking to put it into practice. All you need is the professional eyes and ears 

  • You need someone to be accountable to. You know what to do, but without someone checking in on you, you're more likely to skip the sessions you hate and overdo the sessions you love.


  • You're motivated by others. Other peoples success and commitment, motivate you to improve and work hard. You know that you work harder when the coaches eyes on you and you have someone to chase or run away from! 

  • You're willing to commit to 12 weeks of training, homework and masterclasses. 


Meet The Team


The most passionate, motivated running coach in Sydney! His accomplishments range from numerous 100km trail events through to numerous road events from 10km to marathons. 


Andy will be your coach for all running related sessions. He will push you within your limits, while keeping an eye on your training load and technique 

Ph: 0412522047


The smiling assassin! Don't let her sweet, non-intimidating nature fool you! She knows how to get the most out of all her clients while keeping it friendly!

Courtney will meet you at the group training sessions and makes sure individual training needs are met and exceeded. Feeling a niggle? pop into one of Courtneys sessions for a dose of cross training and maintain your fitness, while reducing load on your body.

Ph: 0433282602




The quiet achiever. Brendan has a unique way of getting the most out of his athletes and challenging all aspects of their physical needs. He loves researching all aspects of running related strength training and tailoring his programs to specific performance needs. 

Brendan is your guy if you are looking for specific performance strength training. you will find him in the gym! 

Ph: 0435140098

e: brendan_todd@



The mastermind and the master of the cameo! You'll find her behind the  scenes writing up programs, and coordinating events. But when she pops in to coach a session, she'll make sure you remember her! 

Claire is your first point of contact for any queries or concerns. If she's not on the phone, you'll find her in the gym taking clients through their strength & conditioning training. 

Ph: 0422554029


Frequently asked questions

I can't consistently make it to group sessions, is it worth doing the program?

Yes! Whilst you are likely to work harder at the face to face sessions, and you have the opportunity for a coach to check technique, modify or advance exersices and sets, there is plenty of information in the program for you to go it alone. Most of our runners mix and match sessions each week to suit their lifestyle and other commitments.

I'm a beginner to endurance running, will this program suit me?

Yes! The program is tailored to suit our first time half marathoners, through to our speedy 100km runners. Training for your first endurance event can be a daunting task. As a beginner you are heading into the unknown. You know that both training and the event itself will be hard, but how hard? With Andys running experience and Claire's science background, combined with their combined 11 years coaching endurance runners, we have all experience levels covered.

How do we avoid "hitting the wall"?

Anyone who's done an endurance event will tell you that the real race begins in the last 5km of the half marathon, and the last 10km of anything longer. Most of our carbohydrate stores are gone, physical and mental fatigue kicks in, and we're close, but not close enough! So how does this program help you finish strong?? Physically, we run long! We run slow. We want to concentrate on duration, not distance, building up to a similar time on legs that you will experience on race day. Running slow enhances physiological adaptations that lead to better running economy, and reduces the chance of injury. Attend our nutrition masterclass to find out how fuel and water can help you push through the wall. Mentally, we'll give you all the psychological skills training and race tips you need to ensure you power over the finish line, arms in the air!

I am nervous training in a group, will I be left behind if I am not as fit as the others?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in making every session challenging but achievable for every fitness and experience levels!

I am injury prone, how does this program help me avoid niggles and injuries?

Making it to the start line uninjured can be the biggest challenge for some runners. This program will help avoid running injuries by providing you with: - a periodized program that increases the training load (mileage) slowly, and balances the hard workouts with the easy - accountability: we will make sure you are training consistently, and if life gets in the way and you skip some sessions, we will guide you back on track and ensure you're listening to your body and not falling into the trap of becoming a slave to your training schedule - masterclasses & weekly emails: we will educate you about shoes, nutrition, recovery techniques, hydration, & training tips to ensure you avoid overuse injuries and burnout - complete training plan: your 7 day program includes cross-training, yoga & strength training that can be done face to face or at home

When and where are all the training sessions held?

The recommended face-to-face sessions include: Interval training: - Gore Hill Oval, Monday 6pm or Thursday 6:30pm Tempo run: - Pottery Green Lane Cove, Wednesday 6am Strength training: - Lane Cove, Tuesday 6am, Thursday 6pm - North Sydney, Wednesday 6am Yoga: - Lane Cove Wednesday 6:30pm Cross training: - Lane Cove, Monday, Tuesday 6:00pm - North Sydney, Wednesday 6:00pm Long Run: - Saturday 6:00am

Which face-to-face training sessions are included in the training pass

The weekly program you’ll receive includes up to 5 sessions, 2 of which you can do with us, the rest you can do in your own time.

As an example, week one is:

  1. Intervals
  2. Tempo Run
  3. Recovery run
  4. Strength & Mobility
  5. Long run (Saturday run club)

You can join us for Intervals and strength for example, then you are given the program to do the rest on your own. That way you can choose your own schedule.

You're more than welcome to join us for all your sessions, talk to us about getting the unlimited training pass!

How is the program individualised to our different terrains, distances and abilities?

You will recieve a program overview before the start of the program which is a general overview. Your weekly email with your program and tips will be individualised depending on your event. The long run is based on duration, and for the second half of the program will be based around a percentage of the duration you expet to be running on race day.

Who will you be training with?

Check out some of the friendly faces you'll be training alongside...

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