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Group Training Price List

All of the below choices can be used at any location.
Mix and match your classes to build your ultimate schedule!

  • I can't consistently make it to group training, will I get anything out of it?"
    Yes! Whilst turning up and participating in training is a large part of the challenge, there are also home challenges, masterclasses, super sessions and homework that will give you plenty of opportunity to get active and learn new healthy habits! You don't need to be able to attend several sessions a week to learn, or earn points!
  • Is 6 weeks long enough to see results?
    You only get out what you put in. If you're looking for physical results such as reducing fat, increasing running speed, or increasing your daily calories burned, then you need to put in the work to make these changes. We will be providing enough resources to initiate change and enhance results. IF you put in the effort, then yes! You will see a change in 6 weeks!
  • I don't like competition, will I enjoy this challenge?"
    There are some very competitive people in the group! In saying that, they are the most welcoming, non-intimidating group members we have. Our members are mostly competitive with themselves, they want to work hard and improve, but they won't be stepping on anyones toes to do so. The trainers are pros at creating a motivating atmosphere that is contagious, you are sure to enjoy yourself!
  • I am nervous training in a group, will I be left behind or highlighted if I am not as fit as the others?"
    Absolutely not! Our groups are small which gives the trainers the opportunity to provide individualised feedback and programing. We pride ourselves in making every session challenging but achievable for everyone!
  • What happens after 6 weeks?
    It's up to you! You can take everything you learned and implement it into your daily lifestyle. If you wish to continue training with us, the points you receive throughout the challenge are then turned into North Shore Running & Outdoor Fitness dollars that you can put towards a training pass.
  • How do you earn points and prizes?
    Each week there will be a lifestyle challenge that will earn you points and the chance of winning a prize. Other ways of earning points will be participating in training, homework, and masterclasses, as well as being the most improved across different categories. The overall winner is the individual with the most points.
  • I'm not a runner, is there anything for me?"
    Yes! This is not just for runners. There are plenty of group fitness classes you can attend, as well as the super sessions, home challenges and master classes!
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