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Program: Injured Runners

For the injured runner who wants to get back to it ASAP

 Next program begins June 14 2022 

  • Runners who are currently injured

  • Runners who are previously or chronically injured

  • Be part of a supportive environment of others going through something similar


How does it work?

You'll start off with an initial consultation with an exercise physiologist (EP), which includes baseline testing specific to your injury or goal:

  • Strength

  • Balance

  • Power

  • Range of motion

  • Gait analysis

From these results we will create a specific 8-week rehabilitation program. You can choose to attend 1 or 2 semi-private sessions a week where you will work through your program with an EP there to help.

At the end of your program we'll complete a re-assessment to see how much you've improved and decide if you're ready to go back to running!

What's included?

  • 60 min one-on-one initial consultation where we will take you through:

    • Injury & treatment history

    • Gait/running analysis

    • Strength assessment 

    • Range of motion

    • Movement screen 

  • 8-week strength and running technique program

  • You choose between 1 or 2 semi-private sessions a week to work through your program

    • You can book your semi-privates in for any time during the week, and you don't have to come at the same time week to week​

  • Re-assessment at the end of the program

  • A return to running program through our online platform, Training Peaks, at the end of your 8 weeks, based on your results

1 session/week: $86/week incl. GST

2 sessions/week: $134/week incl. GST

Payment will be debited fortnightly for the duration of your program.

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