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City 2 Surf

10 weeks: Starts June 3

Who is this program for?

Suitable for those who have:

  • Never run before in my life

  • Run before but never the distance/race

  • Run it several times, have a PB to beat! 

What will my program involve? 

  • Complete 7 day program

  • Which includes 3 or more face-to-face sessions per week

  • Weekly email with race, nutrition and training tips

  • FREE Running t-shirt or singlet

  • Mix & match your sessions across our locations

  • Warm up with a coach at the start line

  • Party with the group at the finish line! 

What training sessions are involved?

At a minimum we recommend:​

  1. Intervals/ technique training

  2. Strength training

  3. Long Run


Other available classes include:

  1. Tempo Run

  2. Cross training

  3. Yoga for runners

Where will I train?

For the running, strength & cross training classes, you can mix and match your sessions between our locations:

  • Lane Cove

  • North Sydney

  • Willoughby

  • Ryde

For Yoga and Reformer Pilates you can train at Leap Health and Wellbeing, Chatswood

When will I train?

You will receive a program with all the required/ recommended weekly sessions. You can choose where and when you do your weekday sessions, which may change each week depending on your availability.

On Saturdays we all come together at the Saturday Run Club to do the very important long run. 

Why yoga and pilates?

Regular restorative yoga & reformer pilates practice helps to elongate those shortened and tight muscles so commonly observed in endurance runners, so they retain their flexibility.  When you’re flexible, you can move a lot freer, and not only does your body becomes much less susceptible to injury, you also have a better capacity to build strength and run more efficiently.

How much does it cost? 

This year we are thrilled to give you two training options, both of which have been devised to give you the very best training opportunities at the most economical price.

Please note, this does not include your race registration


(incl GST)


  • 2x weekday sessions ​

  • Free Saturday Long Run


    Free Running Singlet or t-shirt

  • Weekly email with training, race & nutrition tips

  • Free for current members

  • Direct debited fortnightly for the duration of the program


(GST incl)


  • Unlimited weekday sessions


    Free Saturday long run ​

  • Free running singlet or t-shirt

  • Weekly email with training, race & nutrition tips


    Direct debited fortnightly for the duration of the program

More Questions?

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