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5 Day Program: July 3rd - 7th 2023
Do all 5 days and receive 15% off!
Ad Hoc Program: Pick your days and sessions


Sydney Performance Lab is thrilled to be bringing you the ultimate school holiday challenge! Your kids will be involved in fun daily challenges to motivate them while they improve their foundation movement competencies, coordination, mobility, and muscular endurance and strength. 

 Drop off and pick up is at Sydney Performance Lab in Lane Cove West. Feel free to stay and watch or come back at the end! 


The coaches will be taking the kids through all things technique, fitness and fun! They can expect sprints, endurance, speed, agility, trails and more! Designed to fine tune their technique while enhancing their fitness and speed, they will be red faced but smiling the whole time! 


Drop off at the gym at 10:00am and pick up at 11:30am or meet at the basketball court at the end of Blackman Park at 10:15am, and pick up at 11:15am.



Once again, we will be teaming up with Sydney Performance Lab to bring you a complete strength and running program. This is a fun and social running & strength program designed to enhance kids and teens running technique, movement competency, coordination, mobility, strength and fitness for all sports and physical activity.

We'll start the day together at Sydney Performance Lab at 8:30am for a quick introduction, start the first session in the gym. After a morning tea break or an optional challenge, we will walk down to Blackman Park via a set of stairs on Lincoln st, and run our little hearts out before cooling off with an easy walk back to the gym.


Please pack water, a hat, a drink bottle and a snack. Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers, like they would wear to sport. '

Come for the week or the days that suit you. Parents are welcome to drop off and come back or grab a coffee and go for a walk or do some work in the fresh air!

Please book in by emailing or contact us with any questions

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