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Are you ready to get back into running after having a baby?? 
Whether you ran before or during pregnancy, or have never run before, we are here to help you safely return to (or learn to) run, with pelvic floor and core integrity! 
Managing expectations: Have you tried running after pregnancy and it just doesn't feel the same? You may never run the same as you did before pregnancy. 
Your skeleton has changed shape, your ligaments may be more lax, you have different hormones floating around your body. This is OKAY and totally normal! We will help you adapt your technique accordingly. 
My program follows 7 steps in your return to running journey:

​1. ASSESSMENT: Have your pelvic floor & core assessed by a women's health physio

2. WALK WALK WALK: Progress to walking the same weekly duration you'd like to run, or have previously run

3. RESTORATION: Progress through individualised pelvic floor & core restoration

4. STRENGTH: Advance to targeted strength training, building single leg and hip stability

5. TECHNIQUE: Assess running technique and adapt as necessary

6. RUN: obviously!! Following our safe return to running protocol

7. REVISIT: this is a cyclical process, be prepared to revisit all steps at some point

Managing exceptions: This may look and feel like a long process....

....but if we do it right from the start, we will minimise the risk of setbacks, and get you back to your prime fitness faster! The time it takes to move from 1-6 depends on the results of the women's health physio visit and your running and injury history. You decide: is it more important to run far & fast ASAP, or to continue running consistently, without pain or pelvic floor disfunction for years to come?

How does the program work? 

Return to Running Initial Assessment


Pelvic Floor & Core



Running Specific Strength


Technique Assessment




Revisit if necessary

Our program runs to the school term. 

Term Dates: 

Term 4 2019: October 13 - December 20

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