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You’re not too slow, you’re not too unfit and you don’t need to be a member!

We believe in finding the pleasurable side of running and fitness, and what better way to enjoy it than running with likeminded individuals who like to train hard, but don't take themselves too seriously. Each Saturday we run from a different cafe around Sydney's North Shore. Not only will you enjoy the best coffee and breaky in Sydney, but you will find running routes you never knew existed! 

We meet at 7am every Saturday, year round. 

This Saturdays Run:

What Can We Do For You?

Running programs

Beginners Only



Half Marathon



Trail Running

Kids & teens

Return to Running Post-partum

Absolute beginners - no prior experience or fitness necessary. Non-intimidating environment with like-minded running buddies. 8 weeks, 3 sessions per week, run continuously for 30 minutes! 

10 week speed program for those looking to improve their 10km time, or step up to the distance for the first time. All sessions included - intervals, strength, tempo, mobility & long run. As well as some homework if you want it!

10 week complete program. All sessions included - intervals, technique, strength, mobility & long run. Train at as many weekly sessions as you like, then join us on race day and at the after party in your new nsrunnngfitness singlet!

14 week complete program. All face-to-face sessions included - intervals, technique, strength, mobility & long run. Plus homework for the brave hearted. Weekly email with psychological skills training, nutrition tips and more! 

18 week complete program. Do all your sessions face to face or a mixture with a home program. Choose between the beginner, PB chaser and competitive programs. You choose the race, we'll help you get to the finish line strong, and fit!

Transitioning to trail running, or wanting a PB? We can help you nail the twists, turns, ups, downs and everything in between. Our program won't only help you reach the distance, but will give you the skills you need to run efficiently and avoid injury!  8 week beginners programs as well as 16-18 week programs available for 50km, 100km and 22km.

Running Kids and Running Teens is a fun and social running program designed to enhance kids and teens running technique, movement competency, coordination, mobility, strength and fitness. All capabilities are catered for on an individual level through age and developmentally appropriate activities. All classes are designed to be fun, non-competitive and ingrain fitness activities as a life long choice. Active Kids Vouchers accepted

This running program is designed to nurture mums wanting to return to running after having a baby (no matter how long ago you had that baby!). With the help of a womens health physio, we focus on rebuilding strength and control from the inside out, before taking to the pavements to get that runners high we all crave and deserve. Coached by an accredited post-partum exercise scientist and mum! 


Running Mechanics


After a basic movement screen and run on the treadmill, you will receive a detailed analysis of how to improve your running performance and reduce injury risk.

V02max via gas analysis is the gold standard method of assessing your aerobic capacity. Previously only available to elite athletes and university studies, your VO2 max values can help understand and establish your aerobic fitness level. This will determine your physiological baseline, understand your heart rate training zones, monitor training adaptations and improve performance. Lactate threshold also available (sold separately).

personal training

Bespoke strength & conditioning

Personal Running Program

Following a one-on-one baseline assessment of your running mechanics, movement ability & strength, join our 8 week bespoke program. You'll train alongside 1 or 2 other runners while following your own program. Life's busy, so training in a semi private setting provides you with flexibility to train at anytime throughout the week without getting locked into the same time. Perfect for those runners who are looking to improve performance or rehabilitate or prevent injury.

Individualised programming for events or general fitness. Perfect for those who can't make it to group training, or need that extra accountability. Face-to-face or online available.

group fitness

Intervals (Level 1-3)

Strength Training



Mobility & Stability

Core & Glutes





We offer a weekly schedule of classes for every running & fitness fan. Whether you want to dial up the intensity or take a more relaxed approach, push your cardiovascular limits or find your strength potential, we’ve got a class with a spot just for you. Create your own personalised schedule by choosing the classes that suit your needs.

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