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Find out why we're one of the friendliest run clubs on the North Shore!

Our Community

Don't get us wrong, we love training hard and getting PB's, but post run breaky and post race beers are the main event! If you love the social side of training, or the challenge of racing, then we're the group for you!

Our Programs

Keep it fresh, and learn something new! Learn the art of trail running, the benefit of cross training, and join in our challenges and public holiday super sessions! Test yourself, set a goal, and let us help you! 


Start with a specialty program, group fitness, strength and conditioning or our free Saturday run club! 

Running Programs

  • Beginners Only

  • 10km

  • City 2 Surf

  • Half marathon

  • Marathon

  • Trail programs

Group Fitness

  • Strength training

  • HIIT

  • Mobility 

  • Boxing

  • Core & Glutes

  • Interval training 

Strength & Conditioning 

  • Semi-private training in our indoor facility

  • Running specific, multi-sport, high performance, injury rehabilitation etc


  • Find your potential

  • V02 max & lactate threshold

  • Running mechanics analysis


  • Kids running

  • Teens running

  • Functional fitness

  • For recreational and high performance athletes

Here's a good place to start: Free Run Club

You’re not too slow, you’re not too unfit and you don’t need to be a member!

We believe in finding the pleasurable side of running and fitness, and what better way to enjoy it than running with likeminded individuals who like to train hard, but don't take themselves too seriously.


Each Saturday we run from a different cafe around Sydney's North Shore. Not only will you enjoy the best coffee and breaky in Sydney, but you will find running routes you never knew existed! 

We meet every Saturday, year round. 

Next Run Club:

Feb 27, 6:30 AM
Little Giant Roasters Coffee House

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