Join us for eight weeks of training, self development and teamwork. We are dedicated to challenging you physically and mentally to empower you with a lifetime of healthy habits. All the while having fun, testing your limits and making new connections with your fellow athletes. 

Registration closes September 28


START: 30 September 2019

FINISH: 23 November 2019

AFTER PARTY & AWARDS NIGHT : 24 November 2019


No problem! Stay cool and look cool in your new muscle tank! 


Weekly challenges to push your limits, ingrain healthy habits & win you prizes! 


Join the community with unlimited group training sessions across our whole network + exclusive access to spring challenge super sessions


You choose the challenge! Choose one premium test and as many basic tests as you like! 


Current direct debit members: $40

Non-members: 2x payments of $220 (monthly)

You choose your challenge! 

We could do a generic fitness assessment and tell you what your goal is...but we believe that you will work harder, and commit fully to a goal that you desire. So you choose what you want to get out of this challenge, measure it, work for it and achieve it! Our job is to facilitate and provide accountability! 

Choose one premium, and as many basic tests as you like: 


  • V02max aerobic capacity

  • Running mechanics analysis

  • Skin folds

  • RM strength assessment

  • Health Screen

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  • 12 min cooper fitness assessment

  • Strength endurance testing 

  • Body composition 

  • Blood pressure

  • Steps

  • Goal speed/duration run e.g. 5k/10k

Prize Partners:


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