Running Programs 2021

What a strange year we had last year! With the uncertain future of races and running events in 2021, we have developed a range of programs to fit the general needs of our clients as well as meeting specific targets. So no matter what happens this year, we have you covered!

All programs are $25/week (free to members) and include your complete 7-day program, 1x face to face weekday running session + our Saturday run club. Additional sessions such as strength training or yoga can be purchased in a discounted package. Use the link to pay up front or contact us about a payment plan.

Learn to run

There is no such thing as "I'm not a runner"

This is an 8 week program which guides runners through the necessary technique, fitness and strength training to build up to running 30 minutes or 5km continuously.


This program is aimed at those who have never formally run before, or those just getting back into it after a long break. In between sessions, you have the option to complete homework runs.

Next Program begins 1st February 2021!

Cost: $200 (BYO kids for free)

5-10km Speed

You can do the distance, now let's ramp up the speed. 

This is a 10 week program that focuses on increasing endurance and speed for up to 10km. You will be more than ready to hit the fun run or race circuit once it reopens!

This program is for those stepping up to the 10km distance after mastering 5km, or those wanting to increase their speed and strength. The schedule includes intervals, tempo runs, and long runs with optional strength training. These can be done face to face in our groups, or solo in your own time. 

Cost: $250

Endurance Program

Say goodbye to fatigue, and hitting the wall and hello to sailing across the finish line with your head up and arms in the air! This 12 week program is suitable for road and trail runners.


You will be given all the necessary training to cross the finish line feeling fit, strong and powerful. Your periodised program works on a four-week cycle of building intensity and duration followed by a recovery week before you build again. Your program includes both face-to-face group runs as well as homework runs with the option of joining us for strength, yoga and strength training. 

Cost: $360

Learn to trail run

Is it time to swap pavement pounding for rock hopping?

This 4 week program focusses on the skills necessary to run confidently on trails both technical and simple. You'll be surprised how much more fun it is running a trail when you know how to navigate all the ups, downs and sideways movements! 


This program is aimed at those who are already able to run on the road, and are looking to incorporate some trail running into their training or racing regime. With 2x face to face sessions per week + homework you are guaranteed to have fun learning this new skill! All tied together with a graduation trail event!  

Next program starts 20 January 2021

Cost: $110

Strength and Conditioning

Running specific strength training

We believe that strength training and recovery are the two most under-utilised sessions on the regular runners regime. All led by our professional strength coaches, we offer small group strength classes, semi-private strength and conditioning and one-on-one strength training. Focus is placed on the unique mobility and muscle demands for both injury prevention and performance in road and trail runners. 



10 week group pass $190 (when purchased with one of the above programs)

Casual group session: $25

Semi-private strength and conditioning: from $44 per session

One-on-one strength training: $99 


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