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How does it work?

  • Daily sessions via Zoom video conferencing. We will send you a unique link to the Zoom session 30 minutes before we start.

  • All they need is a laptop, iPad or phone and a little bit of space.  

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5-11 years

  • Activities will be age appropriate. We recommend that you supervise the kids sessions, especially for the younger ones to help them if they don't understand what to do. They can always ask the coach questions as we go as well. We welcome any feedback from you.

  • Each session will be structured with warm up, cardio drills, fundamental movement skills, game/challenge (e.g. scavenger hunt), and cool down. 


12-17 years

  • Each session will involve bodyweight strength movements to enhance developmentally appropriate strength and mobility which will enhance their return to sport in the not too distant future (hopefully!). 

  • Cardio drills and challenges will help them maintain the cardio fitness they gained before running and sport finished up.

  • Weekly running program sent out that they can do with you, or a sibling. 

Virtual Running Kids and Teens

Now more than ever, kids will be craving routine as their world has been turned upside down as much as ours! We're here to provide the "after school activities" for them and they can do this in the comfort of your home, or backyard! After a long day of home schooling it will be just what they (and you!) need! 

Family Fitness classes

All ages

This session challenges the adults just as much as the kids! You can't underestimate the lifelong influence your fitness habits will have on your kids. They will always remember you training, and doing it together. These sessions will create positive associations with physical activity through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. Get ready to get sweaty, and have a laugh with your kids!! 

Private lessons

We are still able to coach one-on-one outdoor sessions, adhering to strict social distancing and hygienic measure. These 45 min sessions will focus on technique or fitness requirements of the individual. Kids who have benefited from private training include:

  • Those preparing for regional or state events

  • Those who can't make it to a group

  • Those who are "sporty" but need a helping hand in running to enhance their sports performance in other sports

  • Those who need some extra attention in general coordination and physical activity

For more information contact Claire:

+61 422 554 029