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Half Marathon

14 weeks: Choose your goal event!

This program has been specifically designed to give you enough time to train before your goal event. Based off evidence based training principals, we have refined this program over the last 7 years to give you the best chance of completing the race, injury free. We train as a group for the major Sydney and interstate races, but if you have a different race, you are more than welcome to follow the program and train with us on your own timeline! 


Who is this program for?

  • You have a half marathon on your bucket list

  • You want to challenge yourself to the distance for the first time but you don’t know how to train

  • You need that extra edge to help you get a PB

  • You thrive off training amongst like minded runners who will push you to achieve your best


What will my program involve? 

  • Complete 7 day program

  • Which includes 3 or more face-to-face sessions per week

  • Weekly email with race, nutrition and training tips

  • FREE Running t-shirt or singlet

  • Mix & match your sessions across our locations


What training sessions are involved?

At a minimum we recommend:​

  1. Intervals/ technique training

  2. Strength training

  3. Tempo Run

  4. Long Run


Other available classes include:

  1. Cross training

  2. Yoga for runners

  3. Trail Run

Common Queries

How fit do I need to be?

To enjoy the half marathon program and race day, we recommend you can run or run/walk at least 8km. We progress you safely and efficiently to 21km based on your running experience.  We are a recreational running group, meaning we love to train hard and work towards a goal but we don’t take it too seriously and love to have some fun along the way.

How many people in the group?

Our weekday sessions are between 5 and 15 people. Keeping the groups small means that we can give our runners as much attention as they deserve. On the weekend as we all join together for our long run, we get up to 30 runners which means you will always find someone who runs at your pace and to have a chat to. 

**Due to current restrictions all groups are limited to 9 runners plus the coach

Do I have to attend the 3 recommended sessions?

No, however if you are newer to running, have a particular time goal, are carrying an injury or are prone to injury it is highly recommended to attend the strength and interval/technique classes. The long run is an absolute must for all runners, as this is where you get the most race practice both physically and mentally. If you can’t attend all sessions face-to-face, have a chat to us about combining the face-to-face program with a home program.

Is race registration included?

No, but a running singlet is! You are responsible for registering for the race yourself, so keep an eye out for the early bird registration dates.

Half Marathon sign up

Sign me up!

Running Program Only


  • Complete 14 week program

  • Detailed weekly program

  • Train in your own time on your own or with a friend

  • Free Running Singlet or t-shirt

Running Sessions


or $28/week direct debited fortnightly for the duration of the program

  • Includes any running session

  • Saturday long run ​

  • Weekly email with program details

  • Free running singlet or t-shirt

Strength Pass


Strength training is recommended for all runners but in particular those who are prone to injury or looking to enhance performance. This pass gives you access to all classes on our group training schedule including Strength training, yoga and glutes & core. 

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