Personal Training

Personal training with North Shore Running and Outdoor Fitness

Personal Training
  • Will help you determine achievable targets
  • Will develop a plan that encompasses all facets of your lifestyle including stress, sleep, physical activity, nutrition, tight schedules, travel, family and other commitments
  • Helps you change your lifestyle as a whole - you will receive more than just a 60 minute training session each week

What's involved

  • Initial fitness appraisal: I'll assess cardiovascular limits and current strength capacity in a sub-maximal setting. I'll also perform a movement screen to give me an indication of any limitations
  • Initial health consultation: I'll assess body composition, motivation, training readiness, current nutrition practices, family history and risk factors, training background and training targets
  • Regular follow ups: Assess progression, celebrate achievements and set new targets
  • 7 day periodised training and nutrition program revised every 6-8 weeks

Training Methods

Depending on your training goals, I will utilise evidence based training methods including: - High intensity interval training, aka HIIT - Strength and injury prevention exercises targeting fundamental movement patterns - Flexibility and range of motion training - Education to understand and ingrain the idea of habitual physical activity, relapse prevention, support system recruitment and effective goal setting techniques for all divisions of life


Your investment is dependent on your preferences. See our pricing for more details.

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